Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Store is Coming To Life!

As many of you may have already noticed, I have changed the name of my blog, from Pink Paintbrush, to Pink In Mind. I opened up a new etsy shop, Pink In Mind, and pretty much just started over! Why did I do this? I was very, well, bored with Pink Paintbrush. I didn't have anything in my shop that I painted, and I just felt photo quality was poor. So I created Pink In Mind, wanting to start fresh. Pink Paintbrush is still open, but I am letting the items expire, until they are all gone.

At Pink In Mind you will find totes and cute rings that are fun to use and wear. The young at heart will find these items creative, cute, and enjoyable. Most of the items in my shop include a "touch of pink," whether it's a whole purse, or a little flower! You will find messenger bags, clutch purses, iPod cases, button rings, necklaces, and more, all made with the best materials, and fine craftsmanship! 

There are new photos and new items all designed with care! I add an item a day, so make sure you check it out! So keep an eye out for all of these items coming up this month!

These Pink Bottle Cap Magnets are perfect for a little back to school gift! They come in various colors. A three pack is only $3.00!

This is a Clutch Purse made from Thin Denim! It is classy and fashionable! The purse is $10.00.

This is a Polka Dot Flower Headband! It fits girls from the pre-teen age, to any adult! It is only $7.00!

This is Maggie--my newest model! She is wearing a beach glass bottle necklace! The necklace is filled with small pieces of beach glass. You can take a part of the beach everywhere you go, for only $10.00!

This is one of my favorite items, a Messenger Bag with Dress Forms on it! It is perfect for your favorite girl! My Messenger Bags cost $15.00.

You've seen Capri-Sun Purses, but have you ever seen a capri sun pouch? Use this pouch as a wallet, coin purse, business card holder, or even a gift card holder! It is 100% green and could be yours for $5.00!

Also, be sure to check out this blog in the next couple weeks, because I will be having a give-away!!

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